I heard you cried last night.
mood like a pendulum.
hates to see dust.
shut up if you think you're cute.
pick up a book, moron!


books. quotes.

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title: because you girls did it
date: Monday, April 28, 2008

I was hesitating which to get after collecting some ang bao money for my birthday. A lovely blue-hair blythe or a head porter bag. I went ahead with the agnes b bag instead cause I know some sweethearts would get me a blythe and head porter is getting too popular with the vendors at beach road.

why love Ben Sherman? 1) It's a UK brand. 2) The models are pretty and skinny boys. 3) The brand's frequent reference to music I like is just pure love!

we've changed a baker! the new baker is just as good. :)
the photographer was our old baker. ahaha! i cant wait to see the snapshots! :)
the singer/entertainer/clown is still holding on to her position! I have no complaints about that. :)
the friend from outer space has returned to earth to teach our young earthlings. heehee :)

my new mini blythe. her name is noneotherthan SPICE!

Lastly, thanks to the rest who forked out time to celebrate my 20th year on earth. Thank you. I know how every one is busy with their own lives, so thank you for spending those few hours with me.

*edited Not forgetting those who texted their greetings. I love how you guys still remember my birthday. THANKS!

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title: korean love all around
date: Saturday, April 26, 2008


because i know what i want, i feel bad for treating you this way.
i do, really do.
ultimately, my actions cant defy my thoughts.



title: TOHO is not made up of Jaejoong only
date: Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the unfair distribution of singing parts was probably the reason why i did this icon. and this is why i keep saying that it's time to go back to korea! somehow the singing parts are well-divided for their korean songs!



title: icon-making
date: Monday, April 21, 2008

at the beginning, i only changed the brightness and contrast (refer to ragdoll, life motto, sesange and O live). sometimes i'd add words. subsequently, i learnt how to combine 2,3 and sometimes even 4 pictures (e.g. balloons, cheer.s and rainbow) into one tiny 100X100 artwork. using gradient is still a little tough for an amateur like me but i used it for a couple like version D, suyoojae and bonjour .
comments are welcomed!! lots more to learn!

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title: found your lookalikes?
date: Sunday, April 20, 2008

i finally caught more than 1 episode of it started with a kiss 2.
yeah afer a long long hiatus.
seriously, part 2 is lame and a waste of time.
but damn, i am an idiot, cause i know i will continue watching it.
i dont usually stop halfway unless the plot and characters are fucked up.
in this case, the characters are still love, thanks to part 1, but the plot.... the plot is out to test my intelligence?
i am done with 9 episodes. i was on a marathon this afternoon. i think i have another 11 to go? i aint sure myself. anyone knows?

anyhow while i was watching the show, i realised that ariel lin, the female lead, looks a lot like alien chua's favourite chinese pop singer, jolin tsai, especially her side profile. yes? no?



title: Prada and ME
date: Thursday, April 17, 2008
title: First Official Post
date: Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Hello all,
I'm back with blogger after half a year.
Yups. So to "celebrate" my return, I spent some time with photoshop last night to do up my skin.
And I am happy with it. Really happy.
It's not flawless but I tried hard.
After all photoshop is still quite foreign to me.

One thing I will miss about LJ is the icon.
To those who dont have a LJ account, I shall be kind and educate you guys about the best part of LJ.
For myself, it is not the categorising of entries.
I dont really need that function since every thing that I type online will become public somehow, so why bother.
What I love most about LJ is having 15 (if you upgrade to a plus account. it's free anyways!)userpics.
And I get to choose which one to use with every entry/comment.
That's how I found my new hobby, which is icon-making.
I am in love with making icons.
I made many(less than ten) DBSK ones, mainly junsu and yoosu couple since I've got to thank the fans who upload things for me to download. HAHAHA.
At the same time, I made some with the pictures found randomly.
Go play around with the pictures you have.
Doing up a decent 100X100 artwork is challenging but really fulfilling.

Enough said for my first entry.
Just to let you guys know, this blog is public (you should know the meaning) so if you wish to link me then go ahead.
Dont bother asking me.

P.S. Pancakes turns 1 in 12 days' time.



title: Ground Rules
date: Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Okay before I post the first official entry, just got to let you guys know that no one is supposed to tag with their real names. :)

and if you want me to link you up, just tag with your blog address.