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title: Eva姊姊, 你好嗎?
date: Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eva姊姊 wished us Happy Lunar New Year yesternight.

I missed Eva姊姊 alot.

When we met her in Taipei, it was all fate. (long story)

The funniest part was that when Eva姊姊  first saw me, she started speaking to me in fluent/fast Cantonese because she thought I was a fellow HongKong citizen.  Just based on my mannerism when I walked out of the bathroom back to the sleeping room and then to the living room!!! After a full 10 minutes of complaining about the oily and unhealthy Taiwan street snacks, I finally told Eva姊姊 that I am not from HongKong and that I'm Singaporean. Eva姊姊 then went into a state of shock but continued her complaints shortly. 

Eva姊姊 was so much joy to be with.

Her mannerism is so adorable.

I love the way she speaks!!!!

She'd make the BEST travelling mate.

Damn it, I miss Eva姊姊!

Come to Singapore when your mama feels better.


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title: When You Were Young....
date: Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Believe That I Can Live The Rest Of My Life Like This. 

Turning 21 in a few months' time, I am. There aint time to perform trial and errors to see which style suits me best. I'm not implying that high cuts are my destiny but at least I love them and the effect they have on me aint much to complain about. 

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title: Jalan Kayu Story
date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Living in a little kampung like Jalan Kayu simply means you need a car or at least have someone to drive you around. Otherwise, it's best that you stay rich your entire life or rich enough to take a cabbie every where. Why do I blog so?

Going to Kindergarten wasnt much of a trouble since it was fairly near my place. A car ride of 5-10 minutes to reach and a bus journey of approximately 10 minutes (excluding the waiting time) would be sufficient. However, I had to take the school bus then since my father was a King then and llife started at 1400 for him. I dont really recall the journey time but I'm guessing it's nothing more than 30 minutes. Those days were still aye-okay.

Then come Primary education, which was the start of them all. Which kid at the age of 11 would be changing bus 2 times to get to school? Me! I had to take 3 buses then to get to my dear school. 3 buses!!! The time taken then was about 1 hour? The return journey for afternoon session was horrid! I would be colliding with the working class people who all had to rush home for either 1900 chinese drama on Channel 8 or dinner with children or OT at home. Normally, if I'm lucky, 1 hour 3o minutes would get me home safe and sound. Still, there were unexpected days when the bus would breakdown, the first bus would be too packed etc.

Secondary school was almost similar but I didnt have to change buses that many times when NEL started. :D I love NEL! I truly do! The only downside was getting to school every morning. That was a dread. I think I had to wake up at 05:40 just to ensure that I wouldnt be later than 0725. 

You would think that with all that travelling I did for 6 years, I would choose a closer institution to further my studies. But no, I picked Singapore Poly as first choice but was rejected by them. :( With that I ended up in the Nanyang Poly which is only like 15 minutes bus ride away from home. Near huh? My ass! With the strange flow of traffic all the time and screwed up bus timetable, the time taken is doubled! 

In Year 1, if class was at 10:10, I'd wake up at 09:20, just one hour before class commences. :D I case you're thinking I wash and dress fast, you're wrong. Most of the time, I'd be about half an hour late. Things got better in Year 2 when I thought I should maybe dress nicer to school sometimes despite the close proximity and status of area.  I would wake up about 1.5 hours before lessons but still be about 10-20 minutes late. 

I think I'm ranting too much.

The point is right now......

Now that I am at SIM which is all the way at old-world West of Singapore, I have to wake up even earlier. It's as good as not sleeping, truthfully. Journey is estimated to be 1.5 hours since I have to change bus so I have to wake up 2.5hours before class. Goddamit! These days, I actually think about what I wish to wear the next day before heading to bed, just to make sure that I dont take more than 1 hour to prepare and consume my breakfast/lunch. Planning what to wear is such a stupid thing to do, or so I think. I love wearing what I feel like in the morning. Wearing clothes shouldnt be planned! Aish! No choice! 

I'll be wearing a maroon polka dotted top with white pants tomorrow. That's what I intend to wear and most probably I wont change my mind. There aint time for that anyways. 



title: Little Wonders of Toys
date: Sunday, January 11, 2009

3 Little Pigs was one of my favourite books when I was younger.  Actually, it' s still my favourite children book up till now. Heehee. Do you guys remember buying the set which came with the book and a cassette tape? I do.  I had so many of those.  Those were the days....
Audiobooks are not so popular with children these days. Nowadays, they only love listening to their music such as Linking Park, My Chemical Romance, Pussycat Dolls, Miley Cyrus on their iPods.  

The Beatles collection! Honestly, most of them are unofficial merchandise and most probably made in China. What's new?

Alamak!!! This building is an eyesore! Which moron designed this? It is fucking U.G.L.Y!!! I'm crossing my fingers that those white objects which look like lights to me will NEVER light up at night. Crap!

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title: pyjamas fashion
date: Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Where are you going?"

"Going to bed??"

"You dress weirdly to sleep...."

"Do I? But I think I look cool."

"But you're going to bed. To sleep!"

"But we're going to the airport now!"

"But you dont wanna get out of the car."

"Yeah! Wait, I wore this to sleep countless times!"

"What's with you?"

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title: 2oo8 is just Two Thousand and 8 Happiness
date: Thursday, January 1, 2009

To me, every year is a greeeaaaat year in spite of all the ups and downs. Come on, there's like 365 days a year, at least half has to be filled with joy and laughter. Like I always say little things make me happier than you can imagine. I may not show signs of joviality outside and that's because I dont want to be read like an open book by every one and anyone, but deep down I'm overjoyed most of the time.

2oo8 is an awesome year because I got to travel out of the country twice. Heeheee. Maybe for once, I should show my easily satisfied self. As long as I get to travel to places, I'd be in seventh heaven. Even if it means going to Bangkok for the 3rd time in a span of 1 year. I love travelling, especially those trips which requires me to raise my own funds from scratch. That I am referring to my 2-week Taiwan holiday. :D

As 2oo9 approaches with the yet another recession, I know well enough that I have to watch my spending. When times are gloomy, the businessmen get hit real hard. My parents are definitely not making as much as before, and it's best to start saving for the even rainier days ahead.

Despite the negative economic outlook, there are still 2 thousand and 9 things to look forward to. I think Franz Ferdinand is returning with a new album end of Jan. :D Harry Potter's adventures will continue to unravel in the cinema. More paperback versions from Penguin Classic as the books age. Straight and beautiful(?) set of teeth after a close to 2 years treatment in May. About the braces, I'm really not certain yet. The earliest Chinese New Year in my entire life time is something I so look forward to. There's the Kaching Kaching, cookies, junk food and new clothes and shoes. :D:D:D:D

See life is still going on strong. Money can buy me happiness when I get to splurge on shoes, clothes, cds, books, cameras and whatsnot but excessive spending can cost me a lot more. Saving up to buy what I really need/want makes the item more desirable. Am I right?

Yups. Wishes for the New Year. Just one! I want good health. For the last 2 weeks and first few days of the year, I've been falling sick. And I hate being sick. I hate feeling unwell. I hate period! I want to be in the pink of health this year and the years to come.


I'm writing this on the 6th day of 2oo9 so you can just pretend that you're reading this on the last day of the 2oo8. :D