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title: el 3
date: Monday, June 30, 2008

GOD saved one the first time. Lucky you. But can he do it again? Question.

Nope, he couldnt.

And so the ball rowed in. Good job, EL NINO! That was World Class.

Eh, Ronaldo, stop sunbathing with your italian girlfriend and learn a thing or two from Torres.

Every Chelsea player is just quick-tempered and has a body made of metal. This uncle's head knocked against this Spanish player's head and as a result his right eye bleed. Did he ask for first aid? No, he just played on until he was told to seek help, which he did so obediently. Like all Chelsea players, he just allowed his team to wash his injury and then hurry back to play. SERIOUSLY!!! Thank god, the referee is humane, he looked at his injury and made Ballack leave the field for the second time to clean off the blood stains before returning.

I used to admire Ballack's skills and anger management but ever since he transferred to Chelsea, he just became one of them. Oh well...


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title: never doubt your abilities.
date: Friday, June 27, 2008

a quote to kick start the weekend.

Do not think of knocking out another person's brains because he differs in
opinion from you. It would be as rational to knock yourself on the head
because you differ from yourself ten years ago.

-Horace Mann,
educational reformer (1796-1859)



title: who do you think you are?
date: Wednesday, June 25, 2008

naïve, naive1 [naiˈiːv] adjective
simple and straightforward in one's way of thinking, speaking etc

naïve, naive2 [naiˈiːv] adjective
ignorantly simple

ˈsɪmpəlˈmaɪndɪd, -ˌmaɪn-/–adjective
1. free of deceit or guile; artless or unsophisticated.
2. lacking in mental acuteness or sense.
3. mentally deficient.

/ˈɪnəsənt/ –adjective
1. free from moral wrong; without sin; pure: innocent children.
2. free from legal or specific wrong; guiltless: innocent of the crime.
3. not involving evil intent or motive: an innocent misrepresentation.
4. not causing physical or moral injury; harmless: innocent fun.
5. devoid (usually fol. by of): a law innocent of merit.
6. having or showing the simplicity or naiveté of an unworldly person; guileless; ingenuous.
7. uninformed or unaware; ignorant. –noun
8. an innocent person.
9. a young child.
10. a guileless person.

11. a simpleton or idiot




title: low
date: Monday, June 23, 2008
Taipei(again!), May 18 - May 21 2008

First stop, Danshui

I think the Shilin in Singapore has it. I think! This is fab!!

We were just really elated to be back where there's proper and convenience transportation. But the air sucked!

The very famous 55cm ice cream. I ate 2 55cm ones and one 30 cm. HAHAHA. You know I love my ice cream. The white-brown one is obviously vanilla and chocolate and the pink-green one, also in the picture, is ICHIGO and MACHA. And there's mango-yam which I didnt want to try.

Danshui is just a lovely lovely lovely place. I love it so so so much. It's like our Pasar Malam but ten times better cause there is a wider variety of food and games!

Second day: Expensive shopping day

misterDonut is plain love.

Isnt this bag just thoughtful? It was raining cats and dogs and the cashier-packer wrapped a plastic bag outside the paper bag. AWWWW....
Guess what was inside? Not cosmetic! Not expensive branded goods. Just toys! Just toys! Just toys! And yet the cashier-packer bothered! Dont you just adore japanese department stores?

Hello alien chua, I am the real cotton candy eater. AHAHHA
Dont you think my cotton candy blended really well with the clouds? Clouds are so much l.o.v.e. Zutto!

Day 3: Blythe shopping and steamboat with new-found HK friend

And yes! He succeeded!

DEAD BEAT!!! Looked at our eyes! Truthfully, even in Singapore, I dont go out for 14 days in a row. I was tired! HAHAHA. You know I woke up around ten, eleven almost every morning there and we usually leave the house for lunch. HAHAHA!

"Havent you heard? We slept on the same bed for our last three days to save money?"
Note: not every one could do such a thing without good relations with the boss! HAHAHA!



title: very nice and sweet
date: Tuesday, June 17, 2008
PART 4 of my 2-week break in Taiwan, Taichung

After the coach ride, we managed to find our way to the hostel. The hostel is so fucking clean!!! And the best part is that the toilet has two shower so we could bathe at the same time! AWESOME!!! But it's a great pity that the location of the hostel isnt ideal. We spent so much money on cab so we had no choice but to shorten our stay in Taichung to 3 days 2 nights. By the way, the sun in Taichung was the worst throughout our trip. I was perspiring like how I do in Singapore! OH GOD!

While waiting for the bus, which comes every half hour, we got really frustrated with the weather, the location of the hostel and the weather. ARGH!

Taken outside one of the coolest museums ever, the Taichung Railway Museum. There are about 4 or 5 of such in Taiwan. I love that place. Spice girls, that's the place I got your presents.

The following morning was spent waiting for the bus again. I got reminded of Jalan Kayu somehow. The very few buses, the surrounding and the houses.

The inside of a typical Taiwan bus. Doesnt it look like those in Korea and Japan? These Taiwanese...no originality at all.

MY FAV STYLE OF STEAMBOAT! My first Korean Steamboat. I lovelovelovelovelovelove it. The soup is darn sweet and the veggie was raw and sweet. AISH! Can someone find this for me in Singapore? Cannot be too expensive okay?

Pardon my hair. It's very very very messy. Took pictures with the Dian Ti Xiao Jie, loosely translated as Miss Elevator. Their job to be is really meaningless and a waste of time. Oh let me just tell you this picture didnt come easy. Miss Elevator A, the one on the right, told me a great deal of how the company doesnt allow them to be photographed and it's against the policy of people to take pictures with them in their uniform as they do want have their rivals to copy their uniform and so on. She spent a good 5 minutes saying no to be indirectly but at the end of it, she said it's okay since I am a tourist. WHAT THE FUCK!! ASS! So to protect her and her company, I shant mention the name of the biggest and most posh shopping mall in Taichung City.

Good food once again! Mango ice!!!! :) :) :) Mangolicious!
Wasnt ichigo season so no ichigo ice.

Above two pictures were taken at the National Arts Museum which was a HUGE PLACE!!! It's like the size of NYP Business, Engineering and Health Science combined! The library was a lovely place! HAHAHA! I kinda sneaked into it. I aruged with my sister in the morning so when we arrived there we just walk on our way. Then I think she got hungry or wanted to leave so she called me to ask my whereabouts. About ten minutes later, she called to ask me to come out because she couldnt get it but I didnt understand her. I walked in so why couldnt she! Whatever. I did as she said and later she explained to me that only the locals were allowed in. AHAHAHA!!! The librarians probably thought I was a local. Told ya, I adapt well.

That's about it. We went to the most famous night market in Taichung named Feng Chia which really wasnt worth the time. Another day-night market called the Yi Zhong Jie was ten times better. AHAHHA! I liked Taichung the best out of all the cities we went but unfortunately the hostel was really too far from every where and the public buses have really strange and inconvenience operation hours. I like how Taichung is very laid back but doing well economically. It's been erm...4 weeks since I came home, so I am lazy to type more. After the final part of my Taiwan trip which will cover Taipei again, I will be doing up a top 10 places to visit when you're in Taiwan based on my own experience. HAHAHA. So to those who are prepping for Taiwan, hold on. :)


CALL ME KING AGAIN!!! My GM is only coming back tonight so he will only report to the office tomorrow morning. GREATNESS!!

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title: nothing beats talent and humour
date: Monday, June 16, 2008
PART 4 of my 2-week break in TAIWAN
Let me introduce the second most developed and populated city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung.

One-day tour. May 15, 2008

First stop was this place owned by the 2 chua sisters! HAHAH! See I'm the Dragon on the left and my sister is the Tiger! How many of you have 1986 sibilings? I know most do! Actually, I dont know if it's most does or do. Someone, help here! AHAHAH. My english sucks, I know.

Anyhow I really hate that place. I hate tigers!!! Look at the picture, both animals, wait is dragon considered an animal? AISH! Both creatures were staring at me with mouths wide open. My sister who was brave enough to step foot inside, came out after 30 seconds. Guess what she said? HAHAHAA. She admitted that the inside is way too scary for anyone. There were drawings of some sort. Think Haw Par Villa.

Although I didnt like this place, I love the confectionary nearby. It has tasty bread, cute cakes and very very unique cookies. So it's a must to visit that confectionary. Forget Breadtalk! Forget 4 Leaves! Forget Garlicia!

After food and viewing of the military band daily training, we headed to Meng Shi Dai, Dreamland Mall (loosely translated). To us, it bares a close resemblance to Vivo City. Shopping there is as good as going Taka so we only looklook-seesee! However, the DAISO in that building is heavenly! It about four times the size of the one located at PS!!! I WAS ON CLOUD 9! I love DAISO for all the right reasons! And it's cheaper too, every item is going at NTD38 which is about SGD1.60. AWESOME!

Pictures taken inside the Ferris Wheel Cabin. It's a Sanrio theme ferris wheel. :) Sadly, there were only Hello Kitty, Bad Badz Maru (?), Keropi (that green frog), some cinnamon thingy which is darn cute, My Melody and My Melody's evil side, the rocker. I WANT MY LITTLE TWIN STARS!!! KIKI AND LALA!!!! THe view from the top sucks la! On my right, I saw high rise buildings but on my left, there were industrial plants and whatcrap! Oh well!

One last look at it!

My sister is not a fan of ferris wheel! HAHAH! Phobia of heights!

There was a Converse exhibition going on when we were there. I'd let the photos do the talking. HAHAHA! Althea, if you're reading this, you should be able to feel my excitement when I saw it.



That's us with the couple. A little introduction about them. The girl was a design student while her boyfriend is a photographer. Good pairing huh? Both are 25 this year and jobless. They left their jobs recently and decided to treat themselves to a short holiday. How cool is that? Oh, we could watch the military band daily practice all thanks to the guy. He was formerly from that campsite so he made phone calls and all. It was a great bliss to have meet them since they were on a xiao qi (stingy) holiday and we were backpackers. Great combination!

They brought us to a night market, not the most famous one in Kaohsiung, but the one they like the most. I love the night market there! I ate so so so much. The night market is the best out of all the night markets we went around Taiwan, as in for food. For shopping, Taichung is the winner!

I'm lazy to type more. HAHAHA! In fact, by now most of you should have heard all about my "ghostly encounter" in Kaohsiung. OH! And my first experience with pornography on tv in a hotel room! 1 video shot from 3 different angles! Each of the porn channels was showing the view from one angle! SERIOUSLY!!! Got to be kidding me!


About today! AHAHHA! Call me boss! No one in the office right now is more senior than me. YAY! My GM is stuck in KL. I think he missed his flight or something. As for the 3 idiots (they are nice people la, I'm just joking. You know I love to call people names with no ill intentions) who are constantly bugging me, they are out of town too. For one week that is. I feel like a KING today. Call me KING! Lunchtime soon. Bye bye.



title: just because
date: Tuesday, June 10, 2008

yes? no? happy? sad? up? down? life? death?
why take away something from me just when i am beginning to grow attached to it?
heaven? hell? inside? outside? smiles? tears?
every thing was getting on well. i was starting to get comfortable.
silence? noise? happiness? terror? faith? lost?



title: legs/legs/legs
date: Sunday, June 8, 2008

To those who are reading this and are guilty of this indecent act, please please please please please do something about yourself!!!! No one, not even horny guys, wants to see your body that way. COME ON!!! Dressing that way is simply soft porn! Get it??

Anyhow I found this online so credits to whatever/whoever made this! LOVE YOU!

I love the above 3 pictures!! Cant wait to make them into icons!!! So for now I'll just share them as such. As for updates on Taiwan holiday, next week okay?