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hates to see dust.
shut up if you think you're cute.
pick up a book, moron!


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title: shoes are L.O.V.E
date: Sunday, September 28, 2008

I dont think I'll ever stop going on and on about SILVER shoes. They are such darlings. I've loved them for more than 1 year now. I need more silver shoes.

Isnt this sweet? WHITE and SILVER! What more can I ask for?

And lastly, this is BABY SWEET LOVE. I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove this pair. HAHAHA. I even went to try it on. Very shameless, I know. It fits so darn well and is freaking comfortable. I just need to bring it home. If I do, fund for 21st trip will be poorer. AISH! But I look nice wearing it. HAHAHAHA. *blushes*

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title: come on man!
date: Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sister: I'm gonna play you your favourite song.

Me: *excited*

Sister: Here you go.

Me: Fuck! Why are you listening to him? His voice is so so so HIGH!!!

Sister: But it's a happy song.

Me: I know but his voice is too high for this song to continue being a happy song.


Me: How come you dont find his voice irritating but you find mine irritating and always hang up on me after 10 minutes of tele-conversation? His pitch and voice are high. Mine's only my pitch.

Sister: Cause he's cute and you're not.

Me: Fuck you Ginny Chua.



date: Monday, September 22, 2008

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date: Thursday, September 18, 2008

How many golden tickets have I missed?



title: not every one can go topless
date: Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How does someone go from this to this????

From nerdy cute to totally trying to be hot!
I really hate the new image.
I hate the ah beng haircut Junsu has now.
I dont care if Uknow wants to show his skin, he can do that when he goes solo, not when he's in Dong Bang.
What a terrible influence to his dongsangs.
Thank god, Micky is still keeping his clothes on.

So the stereotype of kpop has gone from dangling earrings to boys under 24 trying to be hot by going topless or stripping down to nothing whenever they can.
At least, they still have their vocals to depend on.
If Junsu's voice sucks, I will be dissing them even more.

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title: boost
date: Sunday, September 14, 2008
It was a game of tough fight and poor team work. United lost. Liverpool deserved their win, they battled hard and clean for this victory.

Ratings: L'pool v United
credits:manutd official

Edwin van der Sar

A day to forget for the Dutch keeper who, despite a couple of good blocks from fellow countryman Dirk Kuyt, gifted Liverpool their equaliser after a mix-up with Wes Brown.

-> It's alright Mr Dutch. You tried your best. Brown can be a mess at times, we know that too well to even blame him.

Wes Brown

Much like his goalkeeper, Wes endured a miserable afternoon at Anfield. Was given a torrid time by Liverpool debutant Albert Riera and found himself on the score-sheet at the wrong end.

-> What's left to say? Brown, you're good you know! Can you just learn to focus?

Rio Ferdinand

Singled out by his manager as United's one, and only, decent performer. Rio takes great pride in the Reds' defensive displays and he, more than anyone, will be horrified by the manner in which United conceded both goals.

-> Yes, you performed very well last night but it wasnt good enough to stop Babel's shot. Nonetheless, you were the only defender with brains and brawn last night.

Nemanja Vidic

The Serb was booked for bringing down Robbie Keane as he attempted to run through on goal and received his marching orders a minute before the end after clattering into Xabi Alonso. Will now miss the trip to Chelsea.

-> VIDIC!!! I really wanna start deducting from your pay for every yellow and/or red card received!!! Stop it boy! You get a yellow card for almost every other game. We're rich but not as rich as Man City. The force behind Man City might kill us in time to come.

Patrice Evra

He knew little about it, but it was a deflection off the Frenchman from Alonso's shot that caused the almighty mix-up which led to Liverpool's equaliser. Did okay overall and made a brilliant last-ditch clearance just after half-time as Kuyt waited to pounce.

-> He really played hard last night but I thought he was trying too too hard.

Michael Carrick

It was a case of déjà vu for the midfielder who, having hobbled out of the league opener with Newcastle, did the same again at Anfield after injuring the very same ankle. Was replaced at half-time by Ryan Giggs.

-> I hate this player. I never liked him.


Lively in the first half and played a superb ball round-the-corner to Berbatov in the build-up to United's goal. Also supplied a powerful, low cross into Tevez's path, but the Argentine flicked over on 28 minutes.

-> Did a fairly good job assisting the first goal. My impression of him changed a little.

Paul Scholes

Played his part in United's third-minute opener with a great pass into Anderson, but struggled to exert his influence as Liverpool grew in stature after their equaliser. Replaced by Owen Hargreaves on 66 minutes.

-> Uncle Scholes just never say die!

Dimitar Berbatov

Made an immediate impact on his debut when he held off the attentions of Jamie Carragher to set up Tevez to fire home. Required treatment for a knee problem mid-way through the second half and struggled thereafter to make another telling contribution.

-> His first United game and my first meeting with him. Well, he was pretty lost. Bulgarian right? Do you speak English? If yes, try teaming up Rooney.

Wayne Rooney

No doubt buoyed by his mid-week goal for England, Wazza started brightly enough out on the right wing, but was forced to defend for large chunks of the match. Skewed a half chance wide in the final seconds.

-> Disappointing performance from Rooney boy. He started out well but I dont know what happened. The thing is I truly believe in this boy. To me, he has unlimited talent and can reach sky high if he is consistence.

Carlos Tevez

Found the net for the second consecutive season in this fixture and worked hard throughout. Was booked for a scything tackle on Arbeloa in the first half.

-> I never ever doubt this South Amercian's ability to exploit every single scoring opportunity. He is a real gift to United.


Ryan Giggs

Nearly found the net with a wickedly dipping volley which was tipped over by Reina on 70 minutes, but was culpable in the build-up to Liverpool's winner after his failure to clear the danger in his own box led to Kuyt crossing for Babel to fire home.

-> The newly-wed is driven to win but sadly the power of one couldnt do much.

Owen Hargreaves

His first appearance of the season after coming on for Scholes just after the hour. Did his best to shore things up in midfield, but United were outnumbered there all afternoon.

-> Up till now, I still dont know if he's right for United. Oh well, we'll see.


A late arrival in place of Anderson. Wasn't able to make much of an impact and should have done better with a late United corner which prompted a surge forward from van der Sar.

-> ARGH!

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title: and YES
date: Friday, September 12, 2008






title: fats and more fats
date: Wednesday, September 10, 2008

whenever i hear of people thinking of getting breast enhancement, i will just roar in disgust.

come on man, what the fuck is wrong with them? are they insane?

why would people want "fats" on their chest?

just think of the weight.

i have never envied people with "god's gift-bosom" because to me that's just fats!

i dont need more fats than what i already have on me.

i dont know and care what you think but we need more of the below.

Gemma Ward, Jessica Stam, Lily Donaldson for Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2008



title: rainbow ferris wheel spinning
date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008

aish! i hate being sick!

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title: again dont my dont all me wish again, i to please get heart, that mind and confused tell soul .
date: Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have a lot to say ever since that day but I dont know who or what to talk to.

HAHHAHA. Yes, I am even considering my Astro Boy plushie.