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title: Piano Battle
date: Monday, December 29, 2008

With a track as perfect and beautiful as Bolero, it aint impossible for them to score their first ever No.1 on the Oricon Monthly Single Chart. This is undeniably the most beautiful and visually pleasing Dongbang track of all times. 

Go hear it now before I start rambling about things I love. I dont know why but I just get overly excited and every thing I type becomes a mess. 

Alternative link [1]

The first time I heard the song, I was lying on my bed half awaked. Halfway through the preview of the song, I asked my sister, since she was the one playing it, if this new track from Dongbang is an OST. From the very first time, I knew, in fact I was certain this oh-so-breath-taking track is for a movie or a drama, more to movie though. 

Aish! You guys should know how much I love my OSTs. Soundtracks are mostly more visual and sensual. Note: it's sensual not sexual! 

Shortly after the entire song was leaked,  I wanted to put up the youtube link to share with you guys but I didnt because I know this PV (promotional video) is gonna beautify the song infinitely. So I waited and waited, and ta-ta the PV is finally out today. :D I'm on cloud nine. I'm the happiest fangirl today. 

And oh! Dont you think the cover for the single matches the mood and passion of the song well? But Junsu's vest does bother me a little. He looks like a waiter. That poor boy... always so unfashionable. I forgive you, Junsu. I do. After watching this,

I dont see why I shouldnt. Junsu, JJANG!!!! The next time someone tells me you're the best pianoist in SM, I might believe that person. That passion you  exuded while singing was totally expected but still loved. What really exceeded my expectation and made me go "wow!" was the fact that you're playing the piano at the same time. I've never seen you on the black and white keys before!!! You need to do more of this all-rounder talent display! 

Click here to watch Youngbae's performance before Junsu's. It's not like they just put up the most stunning piano battle, (I was expecting one like Jay Chou vs His Classmate in Secret since they're pop stars too) but they just serenaded all the BigBang and Dongbang fangirls. 

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title: Mummy G with her 4 babies
date: Sunday, December 28, 2008
December 12, 2008 was the very first time I bought all my children out for a mini photoshoot.
I usually dont take more than 2 with me because I end up feeling very fed up and helpless halfway through. 
The pictures are taken with a  hardcore camera so please enjoy. :D 

Isnt Pancakes a sweetheart?

M still gives me a headache when it comes to styling her hair.
I love the out-of-bed look she carries but it simply looks like a mess on pictures. :(

Jude darling is the easiest to shoot. She aint the most gorgeous but she needs the least maintenance. I love her arrogant schoolgirl look.

Dont you think M looks so darn innocent? 
Her eyes are so pure.

lydIa, M, Pancakes, Jude

It's true and a little scaring when I speak the way I am gonna to in a minute but you have to believe me.
lydIa was in a mysterious foul mood that day so whatever that was snapped of her turned out bad.
She hates that dress, she does.
I dont know why though.
I think it looks cute on her.
Then again, she goes for the Mod style.
lydIa darling, I'm sorry.

Mismatched shoes are just LOV to the E.
I adore the style of mismatching shoes to the outfit.
It's kinda my style so stay clear of it.
Thanks. :D

A few hours later, Mummy G is painfully exhausted. 
Her back hurts from the weight of her 4 big-headed children.

Guess what? I've a 5th doll! It's a gift from my dearest 3 cousins living in BKK for my 21st next year. When I've time, I'd take snapshots of Silver, a name chosen by those 3 little kiddos. 
With a 5th doll, I can officially form a girl band/group.
No group/band is completed unless there are 5 members and I seriously stick by that.
No more girls for me.
No more blythes for me, even if it's gift.
No formation of a petite  blythe band/group for me.
5 is all I need.
5 is more than what I ever dreamt of.
5 is just perfect.



title: Lucky Loves Polaroid
date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This doggie has been loitering behind 35-A, 35, and 33-A for at least 4 days.
There are a couple of eye-witnesses who saw the cruel owner abandoning him.
There's nothing much the families living in those 3 houses can do.

As much as we love to adopt him, we cant.
35-A has an old granny who will kill all her grandchildren if we bring Lucky home.
But I believe she will not do so to the grandsons, just to the little helpless girls related to her by blood.
As for 35, her husband will not let her off if she brings another doggie home. Family politics, neighbours should try to stay clear. The end.
The probability of 33-A bringing Lucky home is close to zero. They already have Janet who has recently turned blind due to old age.

A short introduction of Lucky.
He should be between 2-3 years old.
Well-groomed by the previous motherfucker of an owner.
Loves the camera. :D
Reacts when I call him Lucky baby.
Doesnt like green peas.
Terribly skinny.
Cute face.

Any kind souls out there willing to bring Lucky home?
SPCA will kill him gently, so we cant bring him there.
NO! No! NO!
Contact me if you are interested.



title: Silver-Gold-Baby
date: Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm going crazy just thinking about these all week long.
Pretty, eh?
If only, I'm richer this month.



title: 동방신기 ♥♥♥♥ 7집
date: Sunday, December 7, 2008

That's the nicest name ever given to fanclubs! All Dongbang fans, even international ones except the Japanese ones, are called Cassopiea, which is the name of one of the brightest star in the Universe. How sweet!!! Oh, in Japan, fans christened themselves Bigeast-er.

Fangirls on LJ Commuity are the best! They are definitely very willing to share and most of them are selfless and not so kaobei (full of complaints). Those girls come from places all over the world like USA, France, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, UK. I'm full of praise when it comes to the LJ-ers. LJ community is one of the 2 places I go to get my daily dose of my happy drugs.

The other site is a wordpress account written by a fangirl who is living in USA and does not speak Korean or Japanese. I suspect she's ABC cause she understands Chinese and listens to our very own Lin Jun Jie. Weird!!!

Allow me to go on&on about how generous and kind the LJ-ers are. Here I go...

1. Link every new video they see on youtube. (very informative group of people!)

2. Upload every new video they see, mostly HQ, to different host so that every one can download them (kind to spend time for the welfare of unknown people)

3. Answer to your every request even if one day/one minute ago, someone asked for the same thing. (patience!)

4. Go through the problem of translating every show/segment Dongbang is on. All for free!

5. Share the latest Dongbang songs in the highest quality mp3 format once they get hold of them. (so thoughtful to those who cant understand any of languages Dongbang speaks)

6. Make beautiful icons for others who are lazy to DIY. (showing off their artistic talent but I love them still)

7. Do screenshoots/gifs of funny Dongbang moments once they're done watching the show/segment. (once again, what do we do without fangirls with technical skills?)

8. Hardly feel that people who download from them owe them a living. (heart is made of gold.)

9. The translators always make sure that they do their best to give the downloaders the best quality videos and most accurate and readable subtitles. (I secretly thought they were a group of friends who opened a registered company just to translate Dongbang stuff. That's how professional they are!)

10. Take precious time out to scan and post nice pictures of the boys without watermarks. (fangirls-musthaves: high speed internet connection, scanner, digital cameras with HD features, photoshop, movie makers and money)

Dont you just love them?

Still, there are times they make me wanna laugh out loud at them.

a. When they went all defensive when Dongbang was accused to molesting the SNSD girls in the Haptic CFs (got to be kidding me!)

b. When Junsu was seen holding hands with Taeyeon, a member of SNSD, in LA. (Pretty decent pair since both sing well and look....erm....like humans.)

c. Whenever they say Uknow looks hot top-naked. (fuck uknow-yunho fans!)

d. Whenever some deaf girls describe Uknow's singing voice like he is a gift from heaven. (i guess it happens. someone once told me that they like kian-westlife's singing.)

e. When some prankster punk'd all the Micky fangirls on April's Fool by spreading rumours that he is gonna be a dad. (that is one of the highlights of my fangirl days. micky-fans, rock on!)

f. Whenever some Yunjae fangirls make a big hooha over Yunjae moments in this and that video. (why? oh! why?)

g. When they commented that they were staring hard at their screens when they saw the pictures of Mirotic Version A. (distasteful! disgusting!)

h. Whenever their fandoms collide, like those Dongbang-SuperJunior moments or Dongbang-BigBang short moments. (some really go hay-wire but most of them are fine.)

i. Whenever some idiots (I mean it!) post up their self-written Fanfics (?) about Dongbang and there are actually even bigger idiots who read them. (*points at the Yunjae fans*)

j. When they are so desperate to see their idols date, they make secrets listing out their similarities just to prove to other fangirls that they are really made for each other. (sigh....)

Funny eh? Fangirls are just too cute in their own ways!!! HAHAHA!

Frankly, I hate fangirls when it comes to their endless and needless chanting/cheering for the boys when they perform. I just wanna murder them whenever I watch something on youtube and their chants are louder than the beautiful melody coming from the speakers and the singing voices of the 5.

It's fine by me when they chant during the fast-tempo songs like Mirotic but don't do that during the acoustic or ballad ones. I never really liked Miduhyo until I heard the acoustic version but the pointless chanting of the members' names by the fans drives me mad. I need to hear the singing voices not your bloody lame-mo chants. It's not like I dont know their names.

Okay cut to the chase. Just why am I dedicating one week to Dongbang? The reason is really simple. I believe the fangirling I do is going to die off when I return to school because there's just gonna be lesser time spent in front of the PC. I'm not gonna be ashamed to say this. Half of my free time in the office, I fangirl on youtube. HAHAHA! I'm not lying! My office is the ideal place to fangirl because:

A. I can download from Megaupload, the second most popular host fangirls upload stuff on.

B. My boss usually comes in after 10:30 and always gone after 15:30 or sometimes even earlier, hence, leaving me alone with the telemarketers who are busy themselves.

C. The internet connection is pretty decent. The speed is aye-okay.

D. I dont have a lot to do every day.

Yups. I think I said this before, I only started to fangirl daily when I began working here. HAHAHA. Still, the Dongbang boys will be my favourite korean boys and I will find time to download every thing LJ-ers upload then transfer them to my ipod. :)

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title: 동방신기 ♥♥♥♥ 6집
date: Saturday, December 6, 2008
The only reason why these 2 are sharing a post is because I dont have much to say about them. When my fandom started, I was a YooSuJae fangirl then when it reached its peak I became a Junsu fangirl. It's only recently that I started to notice Changmin, previously known as Chang Ming (a chinese phrase) to me. As for Uknow.... aiyah! You guys should know la!

Like I said before, he is the best looking member in real life. Many compare him to Jerry Yan better known as DaoMingSi but I dont really see the link. HAHAHA! The face is just so different to me. Never mind. When I saw them perform live in Taiwan, I was a little shocked to know how ...ahem... Junsu looks offscreen. Micky looks a little thinner real life. Jaejoong has a pretty huge head but still pretty la. HAHAHA. Changmin is the only one who I thought looked good, like better looking than on camera. Yeah. I didnt look at Uknow much so no memories. HAHAHA. So why isnt the good looker of the group my favourite member? He looks like an old man to me! That's the answer. He's like my age but his face is like 5 years older la!

All the high-pitched screams you hear in Dongbang songs are Changmin's work of art. Christina Aguilera screams, Chester from Linkin Park screams too and many other singers too, but Changmin's screams are really one of a kind. Totally new to me! I hope by 25, you can still scream the way you do! HWAITING!

The bookworm of Dongbang, the real one, not like Junsu who insists he loves to read but is hardly seen with a book. I like people who read! From the Evergreen lyrics, you can tell that he is the smart one in the group. Although Love in the Ice, the korean version, was not as impressive as the Japanese in terms of lyrics, it is relatively well-written. Honestly, the Japanese version is a classic! There can be no better ones.

What made me change my mind about Changmin? His UFO replies!!!! UFO replies are the messages they will leave for the fans who leaves UFO questions/comments online. Changmin is a genius when it comes to these. I love him for his replies to mentally retarded comments/questions from fans. Some fans are like delusional or something. And what does Changmin do? He just slaps them awake! AWESOME!!!! This is what I call I.D.O.L.S!

Example 1:

Fan: Do you like Gop Chang (Korean food) or do you like me?!?!?!
[Changmin] I like myself....

Example 2:

Fan: Changmin oppa! How many times have I blinked my eyes so far?
[Changmin]What is the temperature that I'm feeling right now?

For more, please click on the links! YT is haven when it comes to such things!

The youngest one but the first to grow up to look like a man. Every time I see Changmin now, I cant help but to comment how much he has matured physically. During one of the four big music awards, Changmin teared endlessly when Dongbang won "Best Album of the Year" with Mirotic. That was the first time I saw Changmin behaving like a little boy. Indeed, this boy....no, this man knows how to reveal his true feelings when necessary. Changmin-ah, I was really touched to see you that way. Those months of hard work and anxiety have finally be rewarded. Worry no more, your fans will always stick by you guys.

*slaps myself for saying this* As much as I dislike Uknow, I have a small confession. I think that his dance at the beginning of "O" music video is really cool. *slaps myself again*

I call him leader-sshi whenever I wanna be polite and respectful. HAHAHA. Let's summarise Uknow in 5 pointers.

1. So-so singer

2. Well-skilled dancer

3. Raps well

4. Knows how to treat fans to some over the top fanservice

5. Pretty good leader

HAHAHAH! I'm damn mean. Oh well, I'm lazy to write about him la.

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title: 동방신기 ♥♥♥♥ 5집
date: Friday, December 5, 2008

No conversation about Jaejoong is complete unless you talk about his face. If I'm not wrong, he won some Best Face award in SM during his trainee days. HAHAHA. This oppa is really pretty, or at least he used to be. With a pair of doe eyes, flawless complexion, proper nose and pink lips, he is a girl stuck in a man's body. Yeppuin! The only 2 flaws about his pretty boy image are his angular jaw and over-built musuclar body. Personally, he looked the prettiest during his "O" days. The bleached hair helped to make his features stand out so much more. You can clearly see how pretty his features are. Jealous fangirl!

HAHAHAHAHHA! *points at him* Jaejoong! Jaejoong oppa! Jaejoong! HAHAHAHA.

This fellow has the funniest style of dancing. His limbs are usually like made of jelly when he dances. HAHAHHAHA! And and and he get tired even faster than Micky. Maybe it's because he has more singing lines. HAHAHAHHA! During the taiwan concert, I paid extra attention to Jaejoong whenever they had to dance. Why? Because I have to see for myself his funny, ultra funny dance moves. Every one is doing the same action and looking almost similar but this fellow will just look so odd.

The voice which I've always imagine to sing-talk. One day, when Dongbang finally decide to stop singing the same old type of songs, I hope to hear Jaejoong do a sing-talk song. Although I really do think he sings well, somehow I do not think that he is suited to go solo. This oppa sounds very nasally these days.

I really got to give it to Jaejoong for his great sense of humour. He is not so much of a dork like Junsu and Micky but he is just so hilarious. The best part about his kinda humour is that he only uses his mouth with a little bit of action action with his hands and feet. I call this witty and straight to the point humour. I simply adhor all those comicians who have to use their 3rd hand and 15th feet to make me laugh. Seriously!

All the members are closed to being angels based on Jaejoong's descriptions. He speaks so well of them to others that sometimes even the members got to admit that they feel like angels. All because he loves his members so much. Being the oldest always has a bigger heart to contain more and give more. What's more? He's the chef in the group. People who can cook and are willing to cook are always loved by others, in spite of their queer behaviours or tempers.

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title: 동방신기 ♥♥♥♥ 4집
date: Thursday, December 4, 2008
*does my signature MICKY YOOCHUN handsign*

Micky is one of the 2 members of Dongbang with body art. I love the position of his tattoo on his body. :) I dont know if it is a trend in Korea to get tattoo young but I do think that living in America for years contributed to the decision to get 1 or is it 2?

Since we're on the topic of body, I have to (have to!) talk about his very very very very very very nice collarbones! I am so darn jealous of his perfect collarbones. Okay girls, now touch your own collarbones, are they 180 degrees? Are they stretched in a straight line? No, right? At least for most people, thin or fat, our collarbones are like 150 degrees or so. That's the kinda collarbones I want to have. HAHAHA. When I was younger like 11, I saw all these gorgeous models with THE collarbones and I told myself if only I can go for surgery to get them.

Learning the piano by himself must have been challenging but I guess all the hardship is paid off now with all the credits he is getting from the members when it comes to piano composition. According to him, he has to compose daily or at least play the piano. In spite of his hectic schedule, playing the piano is still a daily affair for him, giving up precious sleeping time isnt even a question for him. He may not be really pro on the piano but he is the best among them.

Korean, English and Japanese are the 3 languages he speaks and maybe a little Thai and Chinese. I've always thought that by the time the 1980s kids go to school, English lesson is compulsory and is given great emphasis. Somehow, the syllubus is different in every country. Then again, what do you expect from a country which learns American English. HAHAHAHA. Anyhow, the point is Micky picked up English when he was in Virginia, learning every thing from scratch. I hate to admit it but his English is pretty decent.

When it comes to dancing, most fans will think of Uknow first, then Junsu, but for me it is Micky Yoochun. I think he looks the best whenever he dances, his body frame is very suited for the dance genres they do. Though he lacks the skills that Uknow has and the flexibility that Junsu has, his movements are still more refined than them. The only downside is that Micky has pretty weak stamina, so he pants a lot when he is singing live and dancing at the same time. Recently, I think his stamina has improved a great deal but that tired facial expression never changes.

The only member in the group with a sense for fashion. He reads vogue, I think. Most importantly, he is into European fashion and not Asian. Although sometimes he may miss the point of the look, generally he is usually stylish and looks high fashion. Besides knowing how to mix and match well, he has a gift for choosing haircuts which suits his slight chubbly face. To me, he is the fashionatinas of Dongbang and I just love him for his ever changing hair cut. As you all know, I dont like people with the same haircut for years. Change! People! Change!

Unlike Junsu, the pig of the group who most probably intends to hug his money to sleep then to his grave, Micky is very willing to spend money on himself and others. Junsu is his best friend when it comes to dining because Micky pays, he always pays for every one. I love generous people, or should I say people who are willing to spend. I find it hard to get along with people who are so protective of their money. Fine! Just hug your money to sleep.

This little soul was pretty much ruined when he was younger. Those days he spent in America will always haunt him unless he decides to release himself from whatever that is holding him back. The Prince of Tears of Dongbang. Always the first to cry and the last to recover. Micky-ah, I dont really know why you cry so much somtimes but I love it when you do. Because you dare to show the not so glam side of you. Also, because you're so emotional, you composed great songs to cry to.

This dude has the sweetest low-pitch voice ever. He makes a great DJ for night show. HAHAHA. I will definitely tune in to him whenever I can if he is a DJ. Oh wait! Dongbangshinki or rather Tohoshinki, has a weekly radio show in Japan. And yeah, he sounds good!

P.S. I realised that most of the things I say about Micky cant be found on videos. Sorry.

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title: 동방신기 ♥♥♥♥ 3집
date: Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Junsu became THE favourite member because of his involvment in Anyband. Whenever I think of how disgusting he looks with his nipples exposure and ah beng haircut right now, I will just have to watch an Anyband performance or listen to TPL [Talk Play Love] to remind myself why I really became a fangirl. Dongbang is an idol group in the eyes of the Koreans and the Koreans Media unfortunately. Their singing abilities are often overshadowed by their somewhat good looks. However, when Anyband debut as a one-time band, Junsu for once could abandon his boyband/idol image and sing like a real singer. Most importantly, the press reaction towards Anyband was not only positive but reviews garned were all about the music and the inspiration they got from their music and performances.

*edited: I just found out that Junsu is the leader of Anyband. Aish! I'm an elated fangirl.

Kim Junsu is simply born to sing. I have no idea how can someone sing like he does. Asians dont normally sing like this way, especially for pop singers. When he sings, he becomes a wonder. The amount of concentration and power he puts in just makes me so jealous. I want to sing like him too!!! Aish! Apparently, this fellow is in-charge of being charismistic and sexy in the group. HAHAHA. What can I say? He's definitely not! However, when he sings, he does command quite a substantial amount of attention.

Even as a fan, I have to admit that their songs dont really showcase their singing abilities, which is pretty upsetting. Anyhow, once in a blue moon, you hear song like Timeless, and you will definitely be convinced that Junsu-sshi is a true blue singer. As much as I dont like the chinese sounding arrangements, I love how he goes over the top with this voice. Listen to the acoustic version.

Singing is the one thing he does best but this little boy wants to rap too. Occasionally, you will hear him rapping behind the scenes while the rappers of the groups are shooting their rap scenes. Junsu-sshi, how to rap with your high pitch voice? HAHAHAHA.

Besides his vocal capabilities, his composition and lyrics are pretty decent too. Although they are not title single quality yet, they are still good enough for release. This little boy knows himself really well, he knows what kinda song best captures his uniqueness. Like Rainy Night, his first Japanese solo track which he composed, suited his high pitch husky voice perfectly well. Smart move! If I'm not wrong, all the members performed a solo track on Premium Live, which is also their first solo stage in Japan, and Junsu sang this. Ask any one who has watched the mini concert, they will all tell you the same thing. "Junsu's song was the best!" Even my sister, a Micky fan, agrees.

He composed and wrote lyrics for a dance track which I personally have mixed feelings about. Yeah, I dont like dance, so most likely I wont like the song even after hearing it. His performance is just too "sexy" for me, I reckon. The outfit and dance simply dont match. I secretly think that this one is for the gays, like real gays.

I wiki-eed him and one of his hobbies is to write poetry. Hmmmm... I dont believe that but I think this boy loves to write. Keep writing, yeah? One day, one fine day, you can be the lyricist of all Dongbang songs. Hwaiting!

When it comes to Junsu, I definitely have to got to share on his personality. He's just too cute! Sometimes, I just wanna pack him in my pocket, like polly pocket you know. Heehee. According to all the members, he hasnt changed a thing since stardom. His innocence remains untouched and his passion for singing will never die, just these 2 points make me very touched.

When I first heard about his difficulty as a trainee, I was a little overwhelmed with emotions. His positivity is really one thing I respect most. Not only does Changmin wants to learn from him, I do too.

Due to his innocence, he is always the butt of all jokes. His members enjoy bullying him every time and any time. Not only his members but others, like Super Junior members. Heehee. His reaction? HAHAHA. He just takes it in his stride. Never the less, the members really love him. Oh wait, even kids belittle this BIG brother. Orange Junsu? Classic!

Seems like this little boy has few friends in the industry, his most famous one has to be Super Junior, Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk (real name: Hyukjae) and Junsu have been friends since school days. I love the simplefriendship they have got. It is simply based on trust and never ending understanding. Obviously, with one in Japan(Junsu, that is) and the other in Korea most of the time, meet-ups are nearly impossible but yet these 2 are still so darn close whenever they come together to play and fool around like kindergarten kids. It's all about the foundation of their friendship. No matter how much they proclaim on nation tv or radio that they detest each other, every one knows well enough that these 2 morons are closer to each other than any other friends they have. Them teasing each other endlessly is just too sweet for words.

From them, I really learnt a lot. I really hate to admit it but Junsu is someone I've so much to learn from, even how he treats his friends. HAHAHA!


Because for him second to music is sports, particularly soccer, I just cannot help but to make him my favourite member. He thinks about football all the time. HAHAHA. Well, I guess he's really good at sports. All brawns! I think his competitive traits play a huge part in his sports interest.

The thing I really really hate about him is his bloody dress sense. For heaven's sake, please learn a little from Micky. Go buy vogue! Go read fashion blogs! Go murder your stylist! HAHAHHA.

Well, once in a long long time, Junsu looks good too. And when he does, I feel happy. Wear spectacles okay? I dont care if you had lasik or some crap. Just wear specs. No more long hair! No more funny jeans!

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