I heard you cried last night.
mood like a pendulum.
hates to see dust.
shut up if you think you're cute.
pick up a book, moron!


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title: Untitled 0905
date: Thursday, December 31, 2009
title: Untitled 0904
date: Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello Sunshine; The Way We Get by; The Angry Mob; Us; 봄의 왈츠를 위한 시계; I Did It For Love; Sentimental Heart; 들리나요...; One More Time With Feeling; Kiss Kiss; 봄의 언어; Don't Look Back In Anger; 言葉にできない; I Drive Myself Crazy; 오늘은 맑음; I Should Have Known Better; 잘가요 내사랑; Romeo And Juliet; 이제 막 시작된 이야기 (The Story Has Just Begun); Ask Me Anything; Two Birds; 홍두 Hongdu II; brouillard mouvant; Mes Cheveux; The Memory Of Nobody; Stay With Me Baby; 종이비행기; Falling In Love; 완.두.콩.; Live Forever; Lionheart; Abracadabra; One Last Cry; 두근두근; Everlasting; 조금씩, One; 조금씩, 천천히, 너에게; Ruby; I Gotta Feeling; 해피래요; First Kiss; 너에게; Photograph; 여전히; Rain City; 동경(憧憬) 센티멘탈 클럽; Paint the Silence; TAXI; You Really Got A Hold On Me; Secret Game; Tonight; The Masterplan; 튤립; Ring Ding Dong; Heartbeat; 세상에 단 하나뿐인 마음 (You're My Miracle); What Katie Did; 기분 좋은 날; 七色の明日~brand new beat~; PROUD; 楓; Stand By Me; Fairy Dust; 한가지말; Everyday I Love You Less And Less; 旅行的意義; Merry Go Round; 인사; Goodbye To You; 너라고 (It`s You); 1년 後 (One Year Later); 오늘은 맑음; CRAZY LOVE; Songbird; 뚜뚜뚜; Sad Thing; ウィーアー!; Wannabe; 우산; Maybe I'm Amazed (The OC Edit); Caught by the River; 바래; This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race; 데자뷰 Deja vu; On & On; This Charming Man; Day Moon ~ハルダル~; How To Save A Life; Lie; 雨天; A Day That Go On a Picnic; Shoplifters of the World Unite; Why Does It Always Rain On Me?; Voile de Larmes; 행복합니다; Ready, Get Set, Go! (radio edit); Against All Odds; Bubbly; Tunnel; Chocolate; 蒲公英的约定; Sous les Branches; Lovely Day; 허니 허니 베이비; God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You; 귤; Wasteland; Sad Melody; 한남동에서; All the Love in the World; 커피주세요; 하늘 그네; Closer; 믿어요; Crawling Towards the Sun; 나쁜 여자야; Drive You Home; Gee; 향기 알리섬; California; 电灯胆; Timeless; Creep; 甜甜的; Sugar Honey; I Predict A Riot; 愛; Nobody; America; 紅豆; Strong Girl; Don't Say You Love Me; Listen To My Heart; 사랑하니까; The Boy With the Arab Strap; 우리 처음 만난 날; Rock 'n' Roll Star; 逆光; Samba De Orly; Hug; Le long du large; 끈; Comme des enfants; 좋아해; 허니 허니 베이비; Why? Oh! Why?; 私奔到月球; Are You Happy Now?; 바보 (Unforgettable); The Good Kind; 04:07:02; 검은 방; Goodnight and Go; 그 아픔까지 사랑한거야; She's Electric; Eet; Gotta Tell You; 오늘은 맑음; Change Is Hard; 랄랄라 하늘여행; 1분 1초; Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now; 12시 34분 (Nothing Better); Kissing You; Flower Lightning Beetle's First Going Out; 열대야; Away From Here; 농구공; Big Sur; Sky; 굿모닝 레이디; My Destiny; 忘れないで; Fallin'; On the Table; Love Like This (네게로); Rainbow; Fake Palindromes; 소원을 말해봐 (Genie); Desafinado; 바보 마녀의 하루; Oh My God; 完美的一天; 사랑하기 좋은 날; Reo Reo; Is This It; 쏘리 쏘리(SORRY,SORRY); Way Back Into Love; 세탁기; TTL (Time To Love); Damaged; どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?; Silent All These Years; 비와 당신; Flowers In The Window; Bolero; 헤어져; Little Tiny Baby; Sunday; 고백; There Is A Light That Never Goes Out; I Don't Wanna Fight; 텔레파시; En chantant; COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~; Nuage; 하프물범 (Letter To Arctic); Heartbeat; Etude; 좋아해; Beautiful you; 曖昧; My Everything; Happy Together; I Will Possess Your Heart; 멋쟁이vs예쁜이 (FT vs PRI); Happy Bubble; Fondu au noir; If You Leave; Corbeau; Can't Fight The Moonlight; 바보 둘의 행진; Stand By U; 여행을 떠나요; 1825 (Paper Cranes).

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title: Untitled 0903
date: Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gone on repeat.

Coming on forward.

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title: Untitled 0902
date: Monday, December 28, 2009
♥ Kaiser Chiefs
♥ FT Island
♥ NyLas
Seoul'd Out!

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title: Untitled 0901
date: Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Face belongs to a 21-year old yet The Soul does not match.

The Heart never should have given up that space.

The Spirit now wants to return to normalcy.

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title: Hat Trick, almost
date: Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hello! Time of the year has come to write my yearly DBSK lovepost. This year, many unhappy events have taken place in my DBSK-fandom, such as the legal suit between JaeChunSu and SM Entertainment. From what I gathered from friends and DBSGLJcomm, SM is just being a pain in every one's ass. The reason the boys gave for so-called biting the hand that fed them was the feeling of jaded due to the never-ending activities on their schedule as planned by SM. Yes, every one has to work to earn a living, but even robots deserve a monthly break if not a weekly.

I typed a whole lotta shit but decided to d.e.l.e.t.e them all.

In summary, all I wanna say is that TVXQ can leave or stay in SM for all I care as long as they are happy doing what they love, even if it means that TVXQ is gonna be nothing once JaeChunSu departs from SM. I'm glad that JaeChunSu are sticking together in this but I wish Uknow and Changmin will come to their senses soon and realise that SM is not where they belong.

Because the boys have a special place for each other in their hearts, they will never turn against each other. Miduhyo.

TVXQ or not, Junsu will still be my favourite Korean boy who has a good command of engrish; Yoochun will always be the sentimental member with a body to die for; Jaejoong with his flawless complexion and voice that suits any genre will always make me jealous; Changmin, the hidden humourous treasure of TVXQ; and Uknow, the leader which completes TVXQ.

Don't you just miss Changmin's bluntness and how "respectful" he is? Hahaha! Making his hyungs bow down to him. Trick.

The time for a reunion will come soon. Be patient and yes, always keep the faith! 세상에 단 하나뿐인 마음 (You're My Miracle).

In the future, you guys might split up and pursue individual projects but the bond you guys share will always keep you guys tight-knitted. I'm so jealous of your strong friendship. 五線紙.

Actually, no matter what happens in the future, just hold onto the happy memories. Proud.

한번의 미소 마지막 인사

Moving on. Let's see what the boys brought us this year.

As expected, once they returned to Japan, I would have the fortune to hear their beautiful voices accompanied by soothing melodies. I chose the live performances for the songs since TVXQ always sound better when they're singing live. They sound great on the albums but their live performances are always more visual and/or moving.

First up, Bolero, a song which has a special meaning to me. Beautiful vocal arrangement! All the parts were rightfully distributed. I love how Junsu didnt participate in chorus number 2 to give the song more texture and flow. 

Their Korean ballads are pleasant to the ears and touching but their Japanese ones are the ones that are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. The Japanese language is more refined? I dont know about that but this song is a beauty.


Next, 忘れないで, which should be familiar to you guys since I've introduced the song before. Junsu's part at the climax (at 4:59) will just be on your mind for hours/days/weeks after a few replay. I actually like Jaejoong even more because of this song. HAHAHA. 

Now let's listen to a dance track, should I use the word "dance"? HAHA! A up-tempo track might be a better way to put it so you guys will listen to it. Take Your Hands (I.Am.Electro Remix) is another song which I like (Note: not love) from TVXQ this year. Please listen to the remix version, dont avoid it because of the word "electro". This song is pretty catchy and to me it is easy-listening. My definition of easy-listening songs is listening to songs that do not require much attention and involvement.

Let's keep the happy mood going with ウィーアー! To all fans of One Piece, this title aint unfamiliar because this is the title track of the much loved anime which celebrated its 10th anniversary early this year. TVXQ is honoured to be covering this song for its special year. :D

Dont let the music stop! Bringing on Secret Game, the opening track of both their The Secret Code album and tour. I love this song to bits! Yoochun's rapping! Uknow used a girlie voice to rap! Changmin's high notes! Jaejoong's rocker tone! Junsu's engrish!

Song starts around 3:40.

Shall we slow things down? Yes, I think we have to! Listening to TAXI makes one feel like one is on a drive with no destination as images from the past resurface. Did i paint a pretty picture for you guys? So now, listen to the song. ♥♥♥♥

When summer arrives, TVXQ likes to detach your soul from your body with ballads which are nothing but SAD. Oh well, maybe summertime is when they spend time reminiscing. Here's Stand By U, another beautiful ballad. This song is probably their HD work of 2009.


Special mention of Yoochun and Jaejoong's works.

First, the collaboration with m-flo is just splendid. Based on youtube comments, they covered Been So Long for m-flo's 10th Anniversary album. I believed they were invited to do. :D Nice R&B song with a smooth flow.


While Uknow was busy filming his drama, Heading to Ground, which was a flop; and Changmin was in the midst of preparing for his own drama, Yoochun and Jaejoong formed a sub-unit in Japan. Please do not ask me what Junsu was up to because I have no idea! Let me guess, was he serving pizzas at his dad's pizza restaurant? HAHA! Truthfully, I think he was playing soccer all day long. That soccer fanatic. If he knows Thaksin, the former Thai PM, he would become besties with him. Thaksin has the $$$ to buy a soccer team for Junsu to manage or to play in.

Sorry, I digress. Yoochun and Jaejoong released a single in Japan which comprises of their original compositions and lyrics. Yes, they are able to read, write and speak in Japanese fluently now. :D

First, COLOURS ~Melody and Harmony~, which is the more popular song out of the two. It is also the image song for Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary. Yups, they are getting pretty famous and gaining acknowledgement from industry's experts and fellow artistes for their live performances and strong stage presence.


The other song, Shelter, has a little bit of input from Junsu in terms of the melody. :D

Last but not least, a korean song from the boys. In fact, this is their ONLY new korean song this year. What a petty, I dont think I'll ever get to hear it live! I this song. Changmin did a great job with the lyrics. This boy is getting better with words. :D

Presenting 12시 34분 (Nothing Better).

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title: Certain things are to die for
date: Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It was just like a scene in a movie. In fact, the MGM cameras were rolling when screen goddess Grace Kelly exchanged vows with Prince Rainier III of Monaco on April 19, 1956, in front of some 600 guests, including Ava Gardner, Aristotle Onassis, and Cary Grant. The congregation stood in awe when the patrician beauty entered the church in a stunning ivory silk taffeta gown designed by movie costumer Helen Rose. But Kelly only had eyes for the groom. "He is everything I've ever loved," she said.

Credit: Style.com



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title: Pig Tokki
date: Saturday, December 19, 2009

Foodporn post of 2009.

For more foodporn, go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/moniki/.

Why Facebook when every thing is on Flickr?

Stop stalking people in Facebook, guys!

After watching (500), your life would just go through some sorta transition.

You might even want to repaint your walls.

This just made me S.M.I.L.E.

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title: happy day to engrish speaker
date: Tuesday, December 15, 2009
title: leave it all behind.
date: Saturday, December 12, 2009
title: Pretty goes with Ugly
date: Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If life is a palette of colour, what will you be?
Brown, the symbol of anything dirty.
Red, as though you are passionate about life.
Orange, only if you feel sunny all day long.
Yellow, bright yet boring.
Green, colour of jealousy. Speaks a lot about you, huh?
Blue, as if you are always down/calm.
Grey, the middle of nothing and everything.
Black, home to all darkness.

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title: All I Want For Christmas
date: Saturday, December 5, 2009

Littlemail via clouds!

Fly away. Fly away.

Deluxe Mixtape Pouch - Love Mix

Hand on your heart.

Any idea what the heck this is? Well, it's a Torn off USB Memory! Haha. Interesting idea right?

I have mixed feelings about this gadget but well, I have to admit it's pretty creative.

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title: Surprises me all the time
date: Thursday, December 3, 2009
Vladimir Karaleev Summer 2010 Collection: "Untitled Structures"

Indeed, the clothes are very structured. That aside, I love the photography especially since it reminds me of the back of my house before the development of Sengkang.

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