I heard you cried last night.
mood like a pendulum.
hates to see dust.
shut up if you think you're cute.
pick up a book, moron!


books. quotes.

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title: welcome to the family
date: Sunday, August 31, 2008
title: coincidence
date: Thursday, August 28, 2008
coincidence A:

met a courier on the lift and he casually asked why was I looking so tired and stressed. i merely said, "work sucks." he replied in a chirpy voice, " work sucks for every one, we're just doing it for the money," and he left the life laughing away.

coincidence B:

textbook called to share her story about how ungrateful students can they. she said she knew I would understand her pain and no doubt I do. I confronted my boss about feeling unappreciated and all just last Friday.

coincidence C:

that moronic ass, whose work I took over when he was fired, was brought up today, nothing good as usual. suddenly, i was reminded of how important I have been since I took over his ass-shit work as well as how my boss actually depends on me for opinions on his employees. it's like I am the HR department, Admin Clerk, Cleaner, Welfare Association etc.

coincidence D:

nice telemarketer D passed me a _________ (limited vocabulary) today, because he wants his church to pray for my family. (Ed: Dear friend in Australia, I was reminded of you instantly.)

all these dont happen within one and a half day for no reasons. god is trying to show me the way or at least I think he is. the whole purpose of these coincidences is to remind me that I should not be giving up so easily. there is no dream job or dream work environment ever in reality. every one with a job will have at least one sucky thing to complain about from time to time. I simply got to learn. Learn to accept. Learn to be strong. Learn to think for myself. Learn to see from a different perspective.

HAHHAA. In conclusion. I think I'll stay on with my job. Not just because I need the kaching kaching but for the fact that I have never stayed with a company/job for more than 2-3 months. Honestly, OIPP was the longest. Yeah enough said, I am getting very long-winded.


P.S. It's been 366 days since the first day of IPP. Do you guys still remember your first day? Your first contact with your ex-colleague and all. I do. And I hope you do.


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title: cant hold on to
date: Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i just need someone to tell me if whatever I am doing right now is correct.

if not, why?



title: h.e.l.p!
date: Tuesday, August 26, 2008
i'm trying to enjoy work.
really am but those people are just so into themselves, they failed to realise that I am going crazy because of their attitude.

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title: since the first day, you've jinxed me all the way
date: Monday, August 25, 2008
the first thing on your mind when you wake up will have a huge impact on your day.
trust me. i am the best example.
i'm jinx-ed by .

so a long lost friend named splitting headache decided to turn up at my doorstep this morning.
since we havent met for a long time, it thought that staying with me for the entire day was the best way to catch up.
worst day ever. i couldnt even think or organise my train of thoughts. i was probably speaking in gibberish the whole day.

next, i was late for work. please tell me which moron goes to work late after confronting her boss the previous work day? yeah, that moron is none other than me. i felt like an ingrate.

being late for work was worrying enough for the morning but to top it off, this bugger at work pissed me off the moment i put down my bag. we took the same lift up, so we entered the office at the same time. he couldnt even give a little while to settle down before bugging me for his fucking attendance sheet. FUCK YOU! who cares if you sign a little later, I sign your attendance sheet, i can easily mark you as absent by not signing on your call log. FUCKING ASS! I hate these old people who simply think they are more superior because of their age. Come on uncle, my position is more important than yours. Anytime, I can get you fired. So behave.

aaaaaaiiiiiiiisssssssshhhhhh! work was horrid today. i dont even wanna go into it. damn it.
i just wanna sleep through the rest of today.
before i go off, there's a song to summarise my day.
it's chinese. it's times like this when i am glad i understand a lot of chinese.

雨後的城市 寂寞又狼狽
路邊的座位 他空著在等誰
我拉住時間 他卻不理會
有沒有別人 跟我一樣很想被安慰
風 停了又吹 我忽然想起誰
天 亮了又黑 我過了好幾歲
心 暖了又灰 世界 有時候孤單的很
愛 收了又給 我們都不太完美
夢 做了又碎 我們有幾次機會 去追
不曉得為什麼愛 又稀少又昂貴
雲在半空中 被微風剪碎

同類 by Stefanie.


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title: Une chanson pour vous.
date: Tuesday, August 19, 2008

on my bus ride to work, i just thinking about something i dont normally do.

you know sometimes when a singer covers an oldies, and how they will be asked why this song. the typical answer will be "it was my mother's favourite song. she sings it all the time. " usually such songs are some tracks from a teary soundtracks, if not then it's some easy listening song with sweet or positive lyrics.

somehow that got me thinking, should i become a parent one day, what song should i be singing. at home, i usually sing these few, and i dont think they are suitable for children. oh dear! i think i need to find a new all-time favourite at home karaoke song.

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title: EVER
date: Monday, August 18, 2008


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title: snapshots
date: Thursday, August 14, 2008

frankly speaking, i thought this human being is a guy initially.
i know i know!
anyhow she's the most irritating korean girl i've seen on tv so far.
for those who dont know her, she's tiffany from girls' generation aka snsd aka so nyeo shi dae.
dont you find her face annoying?



title: finally a new look!
date: Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This time round I had a lot of problems with the html codes and all. Thank god, after all the trial and error, I managed to get something decent. :)
What's the story behind this design? Well, I simply put together every thing (almost) I love into this.

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title: and I thought....
date: Friday, August 8, 2008


go check out the phone, pretty cool.





single: 'Shock Of The Lightning'

The new album, 'Dig Out Your Soul', is released October 6th 2008.

The tracklisting for ‘Dig Out Your Soul’:

Bag It Up
The Turning
Waiting For The Rapture
The Shock Of The Lightning
I’m Outta Time
(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady
Falling Down
To Be Where There’s Life
Ain’t Got Nothin’
The Nature of Reality
Soldier On


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title: talk to my hand, ass!
date: Tuesday, August 5, 2008

i can take it no more.


money! money! money!

all for money!

i felt shameful.

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title: give me a little space
date: Monday, August 4, 2008

The Killers - Sam's Town

Nobody ever had a dream 'round here
But I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me
Nobody ever pulls the seams 'round here
But I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me
I've got this energy beneath my feet
Like something underground's gonna come up and carry me
I've got this sentimental heart that beats
But I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me now

Why do you waste my time
Is the answer
To the question on your mind
And I'm sick of all my judges
So scared of what they'll find
But I know that I can make it
As long as somebody takes me home
Every now and then

Well, have you ever seen the light?
Have you ever seen the light?

I took a shuttle on a shockwave ride
When people on the pan
Pull a trigger for accolades
I took a bullet and I looked inside
And running through my veins
An American masquerade
I still remember Grandma Dixie's wake
I've never really known anybody that died before
Red, white, and blue upon a birthday cake
My brother he was born on the Fourth of July and that's all

So why do you waste my time
Is the answer
To the question on your mind
And I'm sick of all my judges
They're so scared of lettin' me shine
But I know that I can make it
As long as somebody takes me home

Every now and then
Every now and then

You know, I see London
I see Sam's Town
Holds my hand out
Lets my hair down
Rolls that world right
Off my shoulder
I see London
I see Sam's Town

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