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title: One Word/ Hangaji Mal
date: Thursday, February 26, 2009

From my love since 14, a Dr Martens, to a most recent crush, Fifi Lapin, she owes them all.

I'm frowning a lot now. Sigh.

Poutings. Character. Sensibility. 

Maybe...maybe...I'm like one of those annoying Korean female leads.

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title: When the Heat Dies Down
date: Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Okay, going to start on PM mugging now. 



title: The Mad Hatter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
date: Monday, February 23, 2009

Is there a potion for courage?

Where can I get bravery from?



title: Please do not talk to me again!
date: Friday, February 20, 2009

It's been a long long time since there was something I am interested to watch on a weekend! :D

This taiwanese drama is gonna be the first drama for me in 2009. :D

I like the theme of the show so I presume I will definitely like the show. :D

And Da Dong is the funniest man in taiwan right now, so why not? :D

So folks, stay at home on Saturdays to watch this at 21:30 on Channel U. :D

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title: Breathing the same air
date: Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I think you guys must be bored of me introducing DongBang songs, but I cant help it. I really cant. It's not because I'm suffering from DongBang obsessive compulsive order but I am selfish when it comes to the other music I listen to. AHAHHAHA. Remember I told you guys before that fangirls, almost all, are selfless. The spirit of sharing within the fangirl community is just shocking to any newcomer. As a fangirl myself, it's important that I spread the spirit to many others.

忘れないで (Wasurenaide), Dont Forget in English, is the latest DongBang track I wanna share on. Composed and written by Dongbang's very own Pretty Boy, Kim Jaejoong, this song has a very strong Chinese pop feel to it. DongBang boys are Koreans so I think attempting to write lyrics in Japanese is a really brave try. Just that alone, I think the song is worth a listen.

The melody of the song is very simple and dark which is exactly what I like about Chinese pop (Note: I am a Stefanie Sun fan). The boys didnt go crazy with their vocals for this one. In fact, the entire song is very soothing. It is something that you can listen daily and not worry about overdosage. 

Just watch/listen to the embedded youtube clip which is subbed in English.

If you like it then ask me for the song or you can go google for treasures.

Kaze ni natte sotto tsutsumitai

I'll become the wind and wrap gently around you

Kimi ga iru sekai ni sugu tonde yukitai

Right now, I want to fly to a world with you in it"

I like lyrics with elements of nature.


Jaejoong wrote the lyrics but this melody was co-written by Young-hu Kim, the uncle behind my favourite korean song. :D

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title: Kaiser Chiefs singing "Girls run around with no clothes on"
date: Tuesday, February 17, 2009

V.I.P emailed me this! :D 

It's christened "geraldine style". I love to hear what others have to say about me most of the time. HAHAHA. Really! Positive or negative, just bring it on. It's always nice to know how people perceive you as a person. I love it especially when people identify me the way I want them to. :D

I wont say no to this outfit because I do picture myself dressing in this getup. In fact, I think if I scan through my wardrobe, I will be able to find a similar bottom and jacket. :D The pants and shoes are pretty much my style. Le Sportac bag, no, but cute.

Oh, this was found in a Korean forum. I know, like wow! kFashion was once endorsed by Yuhee in my world, things have changed quite a bit now. When I've more time, I will share on my biggest misunderstanding of kFashion. I've a folder of pictures to share so I need time to filter through so that I only upload the nicest.

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title: Dad at 13
date: Monday, February 16, 2009

Go read the entire news here yourself.

Dad,13 and Mom,15 with a 4-day old kid playing PS is just too disturbing for me.

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title: Wonder Girls attacked Lomo
date: Sunday, February 15, 2009

I was on Lomographyasia website checking out prices of Lomo cameras and I found Wonder Girls Limited Edition Super Sampler. WTF!!! Why do we need limited edition Super Sampler named after the Wonder Girls? It's not as though they sang a song about snapshots! Damn it! I'm annoyed. I really am.

Who's gonna care if you've got a So Hee or Yoo Bin Super Sampler? Who? Just tell me who!

The colours are nice, I admit, but it's just a stupid idea.


The colours are really nice and that's what attracted me to them initially. Damn it, I just got to forget the names of the cameras and every thing will be fine. 

Wait a minute, it's not gonna be fine! The signatures of the girls are found on the back of the cameras! Aish! I like the magenta one but it's a So Hee and I hate So Hee. 

The retail price for this is USD 67.09 which is about USD14 more costly than the normal one. So if I ever decide to get it, I'll be paying USD14 more for the signature of the korean girl I hate the most after Tiffany from SNSD. Great! Makes absolute perfect sense to nobody!

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title: Hongki's earrings
date: Thursday, February 12, 2009

I like this earring very much.

Although  I dont wear dangling earrings, this one seems okay for me to try.

It's already on my to-buy list for this May.


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title: Pretty Things Cant Be Found Here
date: Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cant we get such things here?

I'm sick of complaining about the little clamshell phones we have here.

I dont get it!

Why cant the Japanese company adopt the system here and incorporate into the cover/design of the phones?



title: The effect of sound
date: Sunday, February 8, 2009

I get driven mad when I see such things.



title: Girl Crush
date: Thursday, February 5, 2009
Even I, myself, get confused with my thoughts when I come clean about my likings like this one here:

Seen them before? They're known as Girls' Generation to international fans and So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) to the Koreans. Heard of them? No? Yes? 

Well, truthfully, I never paid attention to the girls until 3/9 starred as DBSK's love interest in the series of Haptic cellphones commericals. I was hooked on the theme song for the commerical. HAHHAHA! It's extremely catchy and easy to sing along, that's why. I think Haptic was the first thing I came to know about the girls and I hated 2/3 out them for their nonsensical crap just based on the show 2-3 minutes of commerical. The one girl who stood out was Jessica for me.

Anyhow, that commercial or Jessica didnt make me a fangirl yet. It was when Junsu was rumoured to be dating someone from SNSD, I became this big kaypo and had to found out who. HAHAHAH. I'm just gossipy by nature. :D I trust the members of the DBSK LJ community a lot so when some, who knew who the female lead of the rumour was, commented that they make a good pair since both are great singers, I went to youtube-search her.

And this was what I found (not this video but another performane of the same song):

I liked the song instantly. It was one of those killer soundtracks which captivated me! Yeah! I'm a sucker for OSTs. After watching a number of performances of the same song, I watched some short (less than 5 minutes) clips of her. She has such a lovable character and her zest and sense of humour are her 2 most attractive characteristics. I think her bubbly self made up for her loss in the good looks department.

I also went to youtube-search her group as well to watch her performance when she's with 8 other girls who are all trying their best to lure the filthy-minded middle age Korean men. I found this song:

Aish! I hate to reveal such embarrassing facts but I really like the song a lot. Despite the dissonance of the girls' singing and the fact the only about 4/9 are carrying the tune and out of the 4 just 2 are decent singers, the song grew on me. *starts digging a HUGE hole for hiding*

I have feistish for girlgroups who are marketed with the cute image because:

1. They have the kinda album artwork I like. 

2. I can refer to their style or dressing sometimes.

3. The songs have this chaste-innocent theme going on.

When I heard that Taeyeon was given a second shot at singing solo on an OST, I youtube-searched and found this other great OST track:

By then, I was already somewhat a silent fan of hers.

After Dongbang made their Korea Comeback, news of a SNSD Comeback were spreading wildly. Was I excited? I guess I was curious! Taeyeon had finally proven herself and I'm sure the other girls would've captured a fair amount of fans who love them just for the things they do, either singing, dancing, acting cute or being funny and entertaining.

Cut to the chase! This is the comeback song:

Even more catchy and karaoke-friendly. I mastered the entire chorus after a few replays. After "stalking" their first comeback performance on youtube, I was deeply attracted to the girl who caught my attention during the Haptic days. Here's a picture spam of her.

I adore her new haircut. I think the main reason why I actually like her now is because of her haircut and that I find her dressing nice most of the time. Oh wait, NO! That's not the real reason.

Here's the truth. When I was watching their comeback performance, I couldnt help but noticed how skinny she is. I love skinny people! 

As for Taeyeon, I think she looks even weirder now.  I've also noticed that her live singing has been badly affected by her poor health conditions. Poor girl....

These 2 girls are the few Korean girls who dont bug me thus far. Because of them, I can even bear to listen to the horrid "Tell Me" originally by Wonder Girls, their one and only rival. This song by WG was one of the 2 hit kpop songs of 2007 and I really hated it until I heard a more tuneful version, which is this: 

Wonder Girls performed their rendition of Kissing You on the same music programme as well.

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