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title: Happy Together
date: Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is how SM office looks like from the front! Not impressive or grand but I guess it serves its purpose. I love looking at the naked trees! I cant help but stare at the trees. They're so pretty. I want winter in Singapore too!

Moving on....

Seriously what the fuck is wrong with fangirls and fanboys! Why do they need to declare their love for their idols by vandalising the walls of SM? Fucking cunts! Retards! The building looks pathetic enough, why do they need to make it look worse? I really hate people who have nothing better to do that they have to resort to vandalism! Just draw on your own wall back home! 

If you're foreigner then please bear in mind that the wall is not a guest book for you to autograph or leave your lovenote to your idols. Do it else where! 

Holy shit! I dont even know what exactly is causing my anger! I just got really mad when I saw these while googling for pictures of how Koreans wear their hoodies during winter. Aish!!! Fucking stupid motherfuckers!

For fuck sake, LSM get a painting company to paint over those shit! Damn it! I just found out that your office is near a middle and elementary school, and your outer walls seriously look like one of those sad-looking schools with kiddos' drawings all over. 



title: Utter rubbish, you said.
date: Monday, April 27, 2009



title: Back at One
date: Thursday, April 23, 2009

This duo can take over the world. In fact, they're already half way there. 

I feel happy whenever I look at this. Dont you?

Dont give me the crap that you dont watch soccer or you aint a Spain fan.

It's just a cheery picture, so try to use your eyes to see their passion and then use your heart to feel their love for the game.

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title: And catch the silver sunlight in your hands
date: Monday, April 20, 2009

I lovelovelove iTunes free podcasts. :D

I subscribed to this Brit Landscape or something and I've been travelling with this stranger around Britain. :D

Nice Stuff.

Here's Camden for you. According to Mr Stranger, it's  fab place for a slow-moving Summer afternoon.

I'm digging into my "for P-J" folder now and there's lots more to share, so I think I can schedule enough posts to last through April and maybe early May. :D 



title: Why do I have to talk to you?
date: Saturday, April 18, 2009

On my desktop, there's a folder named "for P-J" which is basically filled with pictures of stuff I wanna blog about. I saved these 2 a long time back and yes, I totally forgot about them. I was very amused when I first saw the carousel dress but after googling for more pictures, I found a very distasteful singer wearing it. Damn!

In case you're wondering, what else do I have in that folder, I can only say lots more, but they're pretty much the same stuff. Heehee. Nice pictures, guaranteed.



title: So much for Trust
date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Micky's drawings are pretty nice and very abstract. I really like his giraffe. Too cute. 

Junsu-yah, why does every thing look so creepy? 

Recently, JaeSu has been termed as the erotic couple. Ah, that explains why Jaejoong came up with MIROTIC while Junsu came up with XIAHTIC. These 2 lead singers are so ******. I've to catch up on those funny Japanese variety show they've been on. Ah, too much work. Exams coming up. On to Jaejoong's drawing, hmmm... the curvy woman is just the FOCUS.

SHIM CHANG MIN, I'm sure that's what you meant.



title: Butters
date: Sunday, April 12, 2009

The outfits are pretty average but I think the shoes are pretty.

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title: Shameless Wishlist
date: Thursday, April 9, 2009

Actually, I dont know if I want this because I've one in the same design but different colours. Like waste money, huh? But I highly recommend this to anyone and every one who wants to try wearing high cut but is unsure of how they're look because of the size of their calves. This pair of lovely does wonders.

JANDI has this and she wears it all the time. I hate her for it. I really do. I can just rant and rant each time I see her in it and because I believe I'd get tired from over-ranting, I am NOT gonna watch episode 2 and onwards. She has the black one, I love the silver one but quite hard to match, huh?


I want this, I really really do but it's no longer available in the Nike Boutique the last time I checked which was months ago. Sigh.... I'm just putting it up here because it's still on my wishlist.
When I found out about the L idea, I thought it was fantastic and it really suits me well. :DDDD
*hints* Dont change the plan, okay? It'd be good if you guys can pass it to me before May 01. The so-called celebration can come later, in fact I think we can do without it. Like I said last year, after my 20th birthday, I dont wish to have any more "big" celebrations. I just feel a little too old for it. 
*continues about the L idea* I can leave Worryland (Singapore) with your love-gift on May 02. :D I'm being really shameless here. *hands on face* Oh! You know you guys should add on a balloon to the L, the theme will be completed with the addition of the balloon. Aish! I'm so excited for no reasons!

If any of you kind souls are thinking of getting me my 21st present from the list above, just tell me okay? Dont need to surprise-surprise me. I wanted surprises last year not this, there's no need to make up for the loss. :D 

Can I get something I lovelovelovelovelovelovelove this year? Please!

If you're rolling your eyes right now, please look at my title. So far, this is one of the few titles which fits the entry. And yes, I'm desperate to get something I really want this year.

*shit! i'm really very unabashed.



title: But please don't put your life in the hands Of a Rock n Roll band Who'll throw it all away
date: Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Am currently at the airport boarding a flight to Singapore. I liked it there last time. Hope it hasn't changed.

City play Arsenal tonight. Planning a night out to watch it.

- Big Brother

"In Singapore, went out to watch the match last night, dogshit!!"

- Baby Brother

Hrmph. So City lost (again!). No surprise there. We were woeful though. What's happened to Robinho?

It properly pissed down here yesterday. Yer'actual tropical thunder storm. Beautiful.

Gig was splendid. Hot and sticky. It was 86 degrees at 11 o'clock at night. Nice. Does kind of mean that there tends to be a lot of flip-flops around!

Lot of British people out here which I'm always suspicious of. Don't know why. What are they doing here? Buying cheap handbags for fat birds back home? Dunno.

Talking of back home - what's going on, anything exciting? Haven't seen a paper for weeks. No bad thing. Is it true that Madonna is trying to buy Shaun-Wright Phillips from Man City? Say it ain't so!

I'm on the way to Hong Kong.

- Big Brother

I hope you guys watched the match together. Hang out! Please start talking to each other (again)!



title: The Doll House Filled With Endless Love
date: Monday, April 6, 2009

lydIa is my first girl and I still adore her lots. Her whimsical looks are to die for.

The second or is it third generation of Primadolly is still pretty decent but I like everything about lydIa so much that the rest just seems average to me.

Pancakes darling is me, I'm Pancakes darling! HAHAHA. Enough said. :D

Haughty, naughty girl, Jude, has nothing but angst. This little girl knows too little about this world, that's why she's so unhappy about stuff. Forgive her, she's still a schoolgirl. 

One phrase to describe M (I still cant name her): an aura of sophistication. 

I wish I've time to upload pictures of Silver, who came as gift from the 3Js and was christened by them, but each picture file size is 2.something mb, uploading it to blogger would take up a lot of time. She looks nothing like the pictures from the official website when she is all dolled up. Seriously! You'd be shocked by her versatility. 

With these girls, there aint a reason why I need another doll. Even if it's gift, I dont think I will like it much. Honestly, if someone, a real nice person, were to give me a blythe for my 21st, I will just pretend to be happy. I dont want another doll. I've no space, time and money for another precious. To make each doll more special, I will only consider buying them when I'm abroad. The doll will then act as a memento. Yups. 

You really want to know which doll is the one and only one (dan hanappuin 단 하나 뿐 인 in korean)? It's ICHIGO. Yups, that's the one! Aint she lovely in the pink hair? Her sweetness can kill a dinosaur I tell you. I unabashedly begged a stranger to sell her to me. She doesnt come cheap by the way. I think around 500 at the official Blythe shop here. If only.... I'm rich.

With ICHIGO, my dollhouse cum playground will be complete! 

Still, I want comment on this doll. Aint she lovely? I love her pink headphones!! And the colour of the hair is just plain love. But NO to her! I dont want a new blythe. I've 5!!! FIVE!!! 

Then again, if you're gonna be generous enough to buy me Ichigo, why not give me the money? I'm low on cash for Korea fund. *smiles widely*

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