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mood like a pendulum.
hates to see dust.
shut up if you think you're cute.
pick up a book, moron!


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title: pun intended
date: Friday, October 31, 2008

The same reflection for 20 years and yet....the positive points cant be listed.

After 20 years of lying, I'm still searching for my spirit.
That soul which I can call my own and never lose it again.
Never! Not even to you.

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title: after the glow
date: Wednesday, October 29, 2008

As beautiful as this is, it is boring me out.

That's when you know I have to step outta this zone to seek new challenges.

My options are not limited by my knowledge because there is no end when it comes to....

Will every thing that I'm holding onto await my return with the same old smile and warmth?
I believe so.
Once yours, always yours.

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title: every thing you wont expect
date: Monday, October 27, 2008

We Got Married 우리 결혼했어요

This show is the most watched variety show for me. It's partly because I found a website which allows me to download most of the episodes in HQ!. As you can tell from the title, celebrities appearing on this programme are paired into couples and they come together every fortnightly for the shooting. Basically, these celebrities will depict the lives of various married couples. Each couple has a different "theme", such as Noona-Dongsaeng, Witch-Rapper.

Why do I love watching this? HAHAHA. It's mainly because of one couple which is so so truthful on television, I'm talking about Crown J & Seo In Young, dubbed as Ant/A! couple, better known as the Witch-Rapper couple to me. Both of them are trying all means and ways to tame/conquer each other. Watching them battle it out on national tv brings so much laughter. These two scheming fools are so adorable. Another couple to look out for is none other than the Noona-Dongsaeng couple named dubbed as JoongBo/Lettuce couple which consists of Kim Hyun Joong & Hwangbo. Yeah the old woman-young boy relationship is so cute. Kim Hyun Joong also known as KimDongCow, gives the best comments on earth. They are all so ridiculous and real! Whatever that goes through his brains is just masterpieces one after the other. HAHAHA. Just like ME!!!!

You may ask how does this variety show come to an end, well I dont know. Maybe when all the couples decided to divorce like one did or when the ratings drop to bottom low.

Top Left: Witch-Rapper Top Right: Solbi-Andy

Bottom Left: Noona-Dongsaeng Bottom Right: Oppa-Dongsaeng (age gap = 12 years)

X-Man X맨

How should I start this? HAHAHA! Well, this variety show was the sole reason why I started to like Dong Bang and korean variety shows. In fact, this was the first korean thing that didnt put me off. I hated korean dramas and movies previously. Trust me, you dont have to be a fan of Dong Bang to watch the very first episode I watched, which was a Dong Bang special. I remember watching this with my sister on a weekend and laughing non-stop every 1.5 minutes. There were countless times when we laughed so much that we were rolling all over the floor. It is the kinda humour that I love when it comes to watching variety programmes.

Unfortunately, there arent many english subbed videos on youtube so I only watched about 5 episodes of this to-die-for show! Pity, huge pity! Oh wait, I have to share on my favourite segment of the show, "Dangyunhaji" (Of Course, a game in which one side forced the other to agree with whatever they said).

I really got to thank granny for introducing this to me. This show changed my life quite a fair bit.

Star Golden Bell 스타골든벨

Second korean variety show I watched. The first episode I watched featured Lipstick Boy when he was still in a boyband/duo(?) and boy was it funny. The only part which was subbed was the English segment so I dont really know how the rest of the programme goes. Do I need to go further about Koreans speaking English or rather Konglish? One thing I really like about the show is the outfit the guests has to wear. Yeah, it's my favourite outfit, School Uniform. :) :) :)

I stopped watching the show for the longest time because I couldnt find english subbed videos on youtube. So far, I've only watched 2 episodes, the latest was one with Girls' Generation and SS501 but it wasnt them who stole the show, it was the residents of the show. I just adore Shin Young so much for her bubbly character. Why are fat people always so cheerful and bubbly?

P.S. I heard that Hongki and friends were on the show recently, so I'm crossing my fingers for subbed videos soon.

Family Outing 패밀리가 떴다

This one is my favourite right now. I've only watched two episodes which had the same set of guests so you may think it's too soon to be sure, but I tell you I am damn certain. This show is pretty simple, a family of 7 goes out on a 2days 1 night trip with 2 guests every fortnight with new destination and missions every time. Sounds boring? Not when you know what the family is made up of. Go read up more yourself. Need recommendations? Okay okay. I watched the Episode 13 and 14 which had Taeyeon and Hongki as guests and right now I am waiting for the Uknow and Junsu episodes to be subbed.

P.S. If time and internet connection speed permit, do download the videos to watch in HQ!

Explorers of the Human Body 인체탐험대; 人體探險隊

Another variety show by Super Junior but this is my first and only one so far. I love watching them on variety shows because they are the best 13-piece gag group. Members to look out for are Heechul, Kangin and Eunhyuk. I have to be truthful once more. Actually....actually, I'm only at episode 8 now. I'm really slow when it comes to this because I watch them on my ipod and the subtitles are so small for some episodes that I cant read much when I am on my bus rides as there are one thousand and one humps on the road with one hundred and one people giving their shot at getting knock down when jaywalking. So I only watch this on my lazy Sunday mornings when I have no Lost or Grey's Anatomy to watch, which is NOW!

Super Junior is one of the top idol groups in Korea and Asia right now, I'm sure that you guys might have heard of them. Having 13 people in a bloody singing group is like having a circus of monkeys, I strongly agree to that point but now no one is asking you to watch/hear them sing, I am asking you to watch them fool around and teach you more about your bodies through hilarious but pretty decent experiments. Come on, give it a try, dont be biased.

Happy Together 해피투게더

I'm lazy to introduce this show because whatever I'm gonna type is not going to beat watching the show. If you've watched XMan and loved it then you will love this even more. The only one episode I watched has DongBang as guest so I cant say for the rest. And no, the episode is not just for fans, in fact, people who dont know DongBang shouldnt watch it because they are at their dorkiest and ugliest in the show. And yes, I found a picture to prove my point. Do prepare yourself for it.

Micky!!! Why Micky???

Kim Jung Eun Chocolate

Hmmm.... I dont know how to explain this show. It's like a talkshow cum music show cum newly-wed show. Aish! Just watch these few I picked. out.

Band of Brothers

"IT IS A MUST WATCH," was what I told myself when I first found out about it but after watching the first episode without subtitles this morning, I'm disappointed. Heechul and Kangin are obviously not the best singers outta Super Junior let alone being good at singing but I had my expectations especially since these 2 never fails to tickle me. Aish! I'm just hoping that it's the lack of subtitles.

The disappointment aside, Heechul , the drummer, has always came across as a motherfucking rockstar to me, so I really love what he is doing on the show. In case, you're thinking or concluded that they are just posing with the musical instruments, you are wrong! Heechul can play the drums and so can the rest of the bandmates play whatever they are holding/hugging. The other 2 not so known guys are in a Korean rock band named The Trax for your information. I'm gonna check them up real soon so should you.

I think the content of the show can easily be guessed just through the pictures. Nope, they are not playing The Beatles but they are gonna re-live the moments of various Rock 'n' Roll stars' lives throughout the season. Episode 1 was dedicated to The Beatles and I dont think there is a need to argue why. Overall, I need the band needs more rehearsals/practices to polish their acts and performances. If they are gonna cover hits from some of the biggest names in Rock 'n' Roll, they cant be playing with so little passion and sincerity.

1. I dont care how much grammar/spelling mistakes you can find in this entry, it is just way to long and time consuming for me to read through it after typing it.
2. Links to the official websites and english subbed videos (mostly HQ) can be found all over the entry with at least one to each programme. Dont miss out anything.
3. It took me quite a while to prepare for this entry so be grateful and nice if you have nothing constructive or pleasing to say.
4. The one question on every reader's mind after reading/scanning through this entry is.....
I'll just give the answer. "I watched 3/4 of them in my office."

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title: you said you knew
date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One day when I'm gone, I hope you can fulfill that one wish....

Going back to the basic can only mean one thing....

Every little step I take should lead me to the only one place....

And at the end of every thing, that smile will mean just that one truth.....


Imagine opening up that to see all your shoes neatly arranged.
Ahhhh.... PARADISE.

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title: the song in your....
date: Tuesday, October 21, 2008
I've been a fangirl in the world of Korean Music. I listen to alot of korean music these days. From korean pop to korean indie, I'm evening listening to korean hip-hop. As you all know, I aint a fan of hip-hop music. HAHAHHA. There's something about the Korean Music and Language. I cant really explain. Actually, I can! I just refused to. HAHAHA. Seriously, do you even care?

This boy above has amazing vocals. He's only 18!!! WTF!!! How can an 18-year old sound so good? Damn it! You guys have got to listen to F.T. Island sophomore album, Colorful Sensibility!
It's brilliant. I actually like every single track.
One of the best Korean albums of 2008.
The best part about the lead singer is that he sounds PERFECT in every live performance.

Younha is so much love, I tell you. I dont listen to any Korean female voice except hers (indie doesnt count cause I dont even know how the singers look like).
She has so much edge which is well shown in her second korean album, Someday.
I cant tell you every thing wonderful about her through here, because you have to listen to her music to understand.
She's such a music pixie. Get it?

I learnt this from fangirls, they will scream FANDOM COLLIDES, whenever their favourite artistes are seen or performing together.
YE! Hongki and Younha!
Saranghae! !

P.S. Treasures are to be found on this entry. :)
P.S.S The names of the folders are misspelt deliberately.
P.S.S.S In case, you think I want Younha and Hongki to get married, then you're more of a fangirl than I am. That has never crossed my mind. Do I look like I care who marries who? Boa can marry Michael Jackson for all I care.
P.S.S.S.S I am not being biased by putting up only one picture of Younha! I googled for her and this is the nicest, the rest were her debut pictures which featured her in long, boring hair which is just plain boring.
P.S.S.S.S.S Do not wiki F.T.Island, the first sentence will be a shocker for any rock band.
P.S.S.S.S.S.S I'm such a betrayer, I've never written a love post for Dong Bang boys. Instead, I'm always complaining about them. AISH! I'm a terrible fangirl.

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title: mixture of joy and grief
date: Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When I was in Taiwan, I found this cartoon character. Aint its name cute?? Heehee. I was so addicting to say the name out loud, my sister actually threatened to leave for Singapore without me if I didnt stop immediately. Knowing me, I didnt listen to her. I just went on and on. HAHAHA. Come on, say BAR-BA-PA-PA with me. :) :) :)

P.S. Does anyone know where I can get Barbapapa's merchandise in Singapore?

Rest in Peace, now.

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title: how much is that doggie in the window?
date: Monday, October 13, 2008

What do I want to share today?

I've got a thing for it since end April but I dont dare to wear it out. In fact, I dont dare to put on anything with bow/ribbon out. People will think I'm acting cute right? Aish! I hate being old!
I actually have a couple at home but I just cant wear them out.

pretty eh! Anyhow, I dont think I can pull off the look. So I can just continue dreaming.

Very smart and preppy. Love the white suit. :)

Here's Irina showing out how to look sexy in a suit.
Doesnt she look good?

One more thing before I bring this HOT topic to an end. Scroll down to look at the picture below this text. Yes, the headless picture of a lady in a blouse. The huge bow on her chest is not in the category, okay? This look is fine but the bow tie look I like has this naughty girl-next-door style and feel.

Korean girls really love to dress old. Yeah, that's one of the many fashion trends in Korea. That reminds me of something. Right now, I am watching Witch Yoo Hee and I realised something. I dont know if you guys see many OL (office ladies) in Yoo Hee's look? I've been seeing many even before I watch the show but dont you guys think that Yoo Hee sometimes overdresses? All that frills and whatsnot! I remember very clearly seeing a lady dressed like this at, make a guess where. At Chomps!!! Crazy right? If I were to be in that look, I would go home straight. Seriously, I dont think I can breathe in that.

Sadly, at 20, I can no longer dress like these. This little school girl look....sigh.
This is definitely my top 5 favourite looks for all time.
Yeah, I never regretted choosing to dress like a school girl for Prom Night.
Most people were dressed in pretty dresses and high heels, but I chose to continue being a school girl on Graduation Night. I take a longer time to grow up than most people so dont laugh at me.
Before I really head outta here, I need to share a little about Musik.
Pleasssssssssse listen to this song,

I am seriously addicted to Lee Hongki's vocals. There's english subtitles so you can understand what the song is about. Actually, you should try not to read the subtitles first and see if you could understand what he is really to express If your guess is close or correct, it just goes to show that he great at emoting/expressing. I listened to the song about twice before looking at the lyrics and I was pretty close. I love listening to foreign music. :) :) :) :) :)
I have the HQ clip here so unless you want to watch it full screen, you can enjoy the music here.

OH OH OH OH! I edited this post about four times because I keep forgetting what I want to say.
Kindly pay close attention to the music video at 0:32-0:43, you will notice a pair of bottom which is very unique. Yes, both sides are of different colours.

A friend once mms-ed me a picture of something like that and I replied saying that I think it's okay. I wish I can wear something like that out without being stared at. In fact, I wish people will stop staring when I wear something I like but rather out of the norm, especially when I'm in my white leggings.


While you're at the pants, please look at the shoes too. :)

Last recommendation before I go off.

Younha - Telepathy
Same thing, I went through the troubles of looking for a HQ eng subbed music video for your pleasure, so please listen to it at least once. She used to be an indie singer from what I know. I would still classify her music to be indie but the image and concept chosen are more mainstream now.


P.S. I'm addicted to Korean Indie. I dont normally listen to Indie. In fact, I dont listen to Indie at all. I dont consider Death Cab or Cute is Indie for your information. The only Indie I listen to is Cheer Chen, a chinese singer but she has long found fame and success.

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